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"21!!! Why can't you have emojis in your bio ... *monkey covering eyes emoji*"

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New pic of Nathan. I’M SO IN LOVE 

nathan sykes is one of this generations best vocalists & i honestly can not wait for his music to drop and for everyone to see how talented he really is


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Um.. Idk i want to change it its been long since ive had this one xd
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Need ideas!

I want to change my url! Should i keep the one i have or change it? And i need ideas cause idek what i want to change it to:/

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Nathan anon!

Please i’m bored as fuck! Message me i want a nathan anon on kik! Could be anon for anon :)

Im gonna die

I feel like im dying omg it huuuuuuurts 😢💔

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Hello! How are you?

It hurts :$

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this is my most successful post omg thank you

This guy is the cutest person on earth. hands down.



Hello :3

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Nathan hanging at a gay bar makes me all squirmy inside.

I’m an alien 👽#InstaSize #me#selfie#alien#smile#red#hair#ariel


Reblog this with the mobile app and add your 5 most most recently used emojis 😂😊😴😒😍

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#InstaSize #instalove#boyfriend#couple#kiss#cute#love#potd#my#baby#i#love#you#10#months#together#❤️

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Nathan Sykes + eyes {requested by anon}